A Daring Escape, But At What Cost?

It had been weeks, staring into those iron bars, feeling the sick of the sea and the other slaves wash over you. The slavers, tall, bestial humans that danced the line between living and undead did just enough to ensure that none died, but the stench and sight could have fooled any onlooker. Whispers (were they whispers?) of an uprising began about three weeks into that hellish journey. Everyone knew their place, and when the time came, some of the rowers made their way quickly to the gun deck. Escape would come at any cost, even if it going down to the bottom of the ocean. You remember the feeling of the first cannon shot. A simultaneous wave of elation and fear wrapped around you, crushing you. The plan was to blow open as many of the cells as possible. Unfortunately for you, the ball meant for your cage merely fused the hinges. You were trapped, and their wasn’t any time. The others ran past, with swords scavenged from throughout the ship. The sounds of battle raged above you, and you realized your fate as more and more cannon balls tore through the hull. The slavers would not be defeated, everyone knew this. The slaves only hope was to sink the ship to escape an eternity of torture.

What happened next is hard to recall. Perhaps the sheer terror struck into your being cleansed your mind. Yet when you close your eyes, you can still picture the beast stirred by the blood in the water.

As you think harder, you can picture one of the slavers patiently waiting for the beast to tear him to pieces. Unflinching, uncaring, and watching your escape aided by the sea.

You rouse from your recollection feeling parched. The merciful sea had finally deposited you on dry land. Yet now you feel your left forearm burning. You put your arms before you to see the giant mark you are familiar with, the manacles branded on to you as a young adult on your right arm, and a new mark on the right, an eye of the slaver, glowing. Burning as you stare into it. You must do something to blend in fast, they are coming.

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Athraxia Enslaved